The Householding Series: From Seed to Pantry

About the Instructors

Glen Andreson

Since 1994, Glen Andresen has been Metro’s natural gardening educator. He has been a Master Gardener since 1991 and has tended a 3/4-acre organic garden at a retreat center near Eagle Creek in Clackamas County since 1985. He is the host of the 1/2-hour edible gardening show, "The Dirt Bag," heard the second Monday of each month on community radio station KBOO, at 90.7 FM in Portland; he also writes “Ground View,” a monthly gardening column for The Portland Alliance newspaper.

Glen is an avid hobbyist beekeeper, keeping approximately 30 colonies of bees – give or take a swarm or bear attack.

He has degrees in economics and music but still would rather play in the dirt.

Mary Rosenblum

As a graduate of Reed College in the mid 70s, Mary sought to reconcile her desire to write with her need to eat.  Her answer was a small (2.5 acres) parcel of land in what is now Happy Valley that she cultivated to feed not only herself but her growing family.  Over the years Mary has been mastered the skills required to live self reliantly in the city.  A role model for many of us newbies to the life, Mary has become the go-to person for everything from catching squirrel to making feta to preserving Meyer lemons (she grows them).  Today Mary is a much published writer and sought after instructor for both writer workshops and cheese makers (generally not the same group).

Harriet Fasenfest

As your host at Preserve, Harriet has been playing with food and politics for most her life.  As a one-time owner of a number of Portland old-school restaurants and cafes, Harriet has spent most her time in the kitchen building family and community through food.  Today she is a strong advocate for backyard farming, food preservation and alternative economic models as a way to challenge the fuzzy logic of endless growth and market systems.  This series on House-Holding stems from her continued commitment to the tangible practice of living off while on the grid.

You can find out more then you ever really wanted to about Harriet by scrolling the pages of this website.